POS System for EazDine

EazDine POS System

EazDine a POS mobile application developed for managing the complete workflow of a restaurant virtually. This application handles the flow of an owner, a manager, a hostess, and a waiter.

This system is created to automate and simplify restaurant processes and keep track of employee working hours and their performances.

What was required

EazDine needed a system to reduce the waiting time of the customer when they arrive at a restaurant to have food. The customer should be able to book a table in advance, pre-decide the menu and reach the restaurant at the specified time.

Applications will be designed to automate the entire workflow to give customers the best experience. The application will track and report the manager and restaurant owners about the daily orders and revenue.

What we provided

We designed and developed a scalable and innovative “EazDine POS system” which benefits the manager to manage and take orders from customers, leading to a decrease in human error and boosting productivity and quality. The application automates the entire manual process and provides a digital platform.

A Unique feature termed “Fastlane” is developed keeping in mind EazDine’s goal, in which if a customer has placed an order to a restaurant, and while he arrives in the close range of the restaurant, his orders will be automatically assigned to the restaurant kitchen, so the waiting time for customer reduces which is EazDine’s goal.

We created a platform on web, iOS, and Android for the employees and admin to assign EazDine’s jobs and manage them digitally.

Project outcome

Due to this application, it becomes easier to manage the flow of the restaurant due to the automation of releasing the orders to the kitchen simplified the tedious job of monitoring each task manually thereby reducing the efforts of restaurant employees and also reduced the waiting time of the customer.


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