Home Automation for McCrown Technologies

McCrown Home Automation

McCrown Technologies is a lifestyle company, dedicated to fulfilling the dream of living in a smart home. A Startup by Electronics graduates aims to become a leading name in the home automation industry having more than 3 patents. They constantly find ways to live smarter.

What was required

McCrown Technologies converts your normal home to a smart interactive home with any electrical changes. Their objective was to provide a distinctive experience to their consumers based on their mood and liking.

They were looking for a specialist IoT Development company which have expertise in product design, development of web application, development of modern mobile apps, backend services, and expertise in managing their entire cloud.

What we provided

LeanBridge provided an end to end solution from web development, mobile app development to consulting on hardware devices. LeanBridge developed backend services with a Web portal and mobile apps which allows users to seamlessly control their home electronic appliance switches and adjust settings for rooms.

Users can choose from a predefined catalog of modes to change the ambiance of rooms. One can adjust the brightness, temperature, the speed of ceiling fans, tweak the dimness color of certain light.

Users will have proactive alerting over Mail, SMS by activating or deactivating multiple sensor functionality. We used a secured mechanism for data transfer.

We created a platform on web, iOS, and Android for the customers and admin web portal for the backend team.

Project outcome

At the end of the project, it becomes easier to manage the customer data & subscription from the admin panel, configure panels, and switches as the layout of the house. Customer got a user-friendly mobile application and a web portal for managing their homes.


Adobe XD




Spring Boot 2



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