Construction Tracking Tool

The construction tracking tool is a user-friendly, fast, and professional way to monitor construction projects from conception to completion with respect to the utilization of human resources, materials, fuel, and equipment. It helps you to manage projects efficiently.

What was required

Manisha Construction’s requirement was to create scalable web and mobile apps, which can be used to track projects against timelines and budgets. Automate recording of site utilization and provide real-time status reporting.

They were looking for professionals in, development of web applications, modern mobile apps, backend services, and expertise in managing their entire IT infrastructure.

What we provided

LeanBridge built scalable web and mobile apps for tracking construction projects, which help Manisha Construction’s manager manage their project sites, view dashboard for real-time status of projects. Take action against non-performing or underperforming projects.

Projects would be broken down into milestones so each one could be tracked independently and the project as a whole. We reduced the time frame of site supervisors reporting manually and then updating the application, by giving site in-charges mobile app to update utilizations and inventory.

Manisha Construction has its reporting and compliance needs. We provide a custom dashboard and daily reporting web interface to track and efficiently execute projects.

Project outcome

At the end of the project, Manisha Constructions management got a complete status of the current projects in hand with just a few clicks on the dashboard. It became easier to manage projects with the predefined project templates from the admin panel. On-site Engineers got a very userfriendly mobile app which reduced human efforts and errors.


Adobe XD




Spring Boot 2



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